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Squirrels are lovely, adorable creatures.

Grey Squirrels gain entry into our roofs and lofts and create damage to belongings, structures and have even been known to gnaw through our cables and wires.

We provide a comprehensive Squirrel control service and remove Squirrels from properties by many methods.

We'll trap them, cage them, shoot them and prevent them from gaining access leaving them to look the park!

Call us to discuss your Squirrel control requirements and let us rid you of that nuisance Squirrel infestation

Squirrel ControlSquirrel Control

Although now a familiar sight across the U.K., The Grey Squirrel is non-native and is largely blamed for the decline in numbers of The Red Squirrel. Grey Squirrels are larger than Reds with greyish/brown fur and a white belly.


Grey Squirrels are active during the daytime and are well known for gathering food for the harsh winter months. Breeding takes place between December and February and again between March and May.The gestation period is approx 6-7 weeks and an avergae of 2 litters are produced each year consisting of 1-8 young. They live for approximately 8-9 years.


Pestline Squirrel control can eliminate nuisance Squirrels from within your roof space or loft by a variety of approved methods. We will also assist you in blocking entry points helping reduce re-infestations.


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